It would really be fun to travel in the country inside North America that has dominant economy, the mother country of mass culture, military control which is the United States of America. It has also many people because it is the third in the rank for its population count and surely, this country has a lot to offer because of its nice sceneries and exhilarating cities. Also, it is very diverse in terms of the people living inside this country, you can meet many people of different and bizarre nationalities but that’s what makes it more exciting to visit right?

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Below will some of the advice that we can give to you when you want to travel in the United States, keep on reading to know more.

PRECATION: There is a tiny chance of very violent crimes here in the USA and you must still use your sense and precautionary measures so that you will not endanger yourself, your friends or your family members.

MONEY MATTERS: Here in the USA, it is really expensive for single travelers because there are a lot of things to spend your money into like hiring a car, checking into motels, food and lot things so it is really difficult to cut it off at a hundred dollars a day when you travel alone. But, when you travel with company the it could be lesser costing for an individual person inside a group because motels in this country can take up to 4 people inside a room for the same price of 1, thus, it is really cheap when you consider it individually. The accommodations in this country are higher in the more expensive cities which is New York and San Francisco. Thus you need to be informed car-for-hire services and you need to assess where would be the most accessible to you and your company and where could you spend less during the duration of your stay here with Uncle Sam.

VISA: People from the countries on the visa waiver get the ninety day visa upon their arrival but they must have an electronic passport and authorization by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. As for Australians, South Koreans, Europeans and people from New Zealand who are under the visa waiver program can get the visa for three months.

CASH: Establishments in the USA does not take cheques especially from travelers because they have learned their lesson in the past where a lot of tourists give them fake ones. But, the good news is that there are many ATM machines in America and you can get your cash from there with only 2 dollars charge and if you are inside a bar, it can go up to five dollars.

FACTORS: If we are going to rate it, out of 100%, the beaches in this country will get a 70% rating, the major highlights will have 80% and just 40% for the random place here. Despite this rating for the random places, many people are still wanting to visit this country from all over the world.



Canada or the Great White North is a paradise for everyone in the summer and in winter. It has a natural beauty which can mesmerize anyone who decides to visit it just like the lands of Brazil, New Zealand and South Africa. Also, this country has a lot of festivals in the winter because skiing and many winter sports are enjoyed here by the locals and the tourists. While in the summer, you can go for activities like camping, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking and rafting and with all of that any tourist will always feel like they are home because of how diverse the population is in this country.

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Canada has always been friendly to travelers and not only for group tourists but also for the individual ones. Anywhere you go in this country you will find hostels and small-time budget friendly accommodation which are all affordable even if you are a solo backpacker. Also, there are many campsites which have been popular to many tourists and locals. Canada is a very safe country as compared to the USA and more cheap and affordable than those countries in Europe.

If you are planning to get a really good tour around all of the nice places in Canada then you must need up to eight weeks of free time for travelling and a great budget. But, there is no need for you to choose because even if it is summer or winter, you will still have a great time because there are numerous of things that you can do to enjoy the place and the people.

As we all know, many people travel to Canada because of the Aurora Borealis or for Sand duning in the Athabasca which is a desert in Canada. Not because Canada is gifted with natural beauty, it will be boring in the long run, fortunately, no because it is also great in nightlife especially in Toronto, Vancouver or in Montreal.

As expected, it can be really freezing during the winters and if you are American then you can easily visit and get around the places in Canada, but if you are not then you might find a difficulty in doing so.

HEALTH SAFETY: when you are in the wild or you plan to go into the wild then you must be prepared for the insurance. If you suddenly get a broken arm or leg from canoeing or biking then there are series of payments that ranges to CN$600 if you want to have Canadian insurance system.

VISA: European, Commonwealth, Cubans and US people can enter this country without having to get VISA and they can escape the hassle of getting a VISA.

TOURIST TRAIL: Just like in Australia and New Zealand, transportation has cheaper rates for students and those buses which are for tourist, they are very affordable. You can also rent cars for a cheap price and with that you can decide your very own hiking tracks and you can easily find them on the internet if you are looking for a great place to hike or do a road trip. If you are travelling with a group then this would be cheaper because you will be dividing the cost among the members of your group.




North America got its name from the Italian explorer Vespucci, Amerigo. As we all know, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America are the 7 continents of the world we have but North America is the third in the rank for the largest continent in the world. North America is also ideal for vacation because it has a lot to offer just like the very famous Statue of Liberty where you would surely gain a lot of likes on Facebook when you post it, the Grand Canyon where you can hike with your friends or family members, Niagara Falls which is also one of the most famous places to visit around the world, they also have the Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Teotihuacan and the Rocky Mountains.

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If you are a traveler then you must keep on reading because we are going to spoil you with facts about North America.

When you look at North America from above you can see that on its west there is the Pacific Ocean while on its east there is the Atlantic Ocean, this continent is bordered by two of the biggest waters in the world. The largest countries inside this continent are United States, Canada and Mexico. C. Columbus was the one given credit for the discovery of America but actually, there were already people who were living in North America even before the Europeans arrived in its lands. Some of these people include the Aztec Civilization that is currently in Mexico and the different and many Native American tribes which is in the United States. But despite this, the Europeans were still successful in taking over it in the 1600’s. The most populated country in North America which is the United States became a melting pot of cultures and people from all over the world in the later part of the 1700’s.

North America, according to the United Nation has a population count of 528,720,588 inside its area which is 9,540,198 square miles. Of all the continents in the world, North America ranks fourth as the continent which has the biggest population. Aside from its people, North America also has its major biomes which is makes it more special like the temperate forest, taiga, grasslands and desert because of its major cities which are Canada Philadelphia, Canada Houston, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Guadalajara, Toronto, Chicago, Mexico New York City, Montreal, Ecatepec de Morelos and Mexico. As we have mentioned not only does the North America have a lot of biomes, it also has big bodies of water surrounding it just like the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean but they also have lakes inside North America and a few of them are the Colorado River, Rio Grande, Great Slave Lake, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Mississippi River, Yukon River, Lake Winnipeg, Missouri River and the Great Bear Lake.

In North America, Mexico City is the city with the largest population according to the census in the year 2012. And food production is one of the biggest businesses here in this continent and with that a lot of the grasslands in this place are now farms for cereals like wheat, corn or maize because it has a great population which means that it has more mouth to feed.  And in line with that, Mexico having the greatest population grows a lot of sugarcane each year for the country