North America got its name from the Italian explorer Vespucci, Amerigo. As we all know, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America are the 7 continents of the world we have but North America is the third in the rank for the largest continent in the world. North America is also ideal for vacation because it has a lot to offer just like the very famous Statue of Liberty where you would surely gain a lot of likes on Facebook when you post it, the Grand Canyon where you can hike with your friends or family members, Niagara Falls which is also one of the most famous places to visit around the world, they also have the Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Teotihuacan and the Rocky Mountains.

north america facts

If you are a traveler then you must keep on reading because we are going to spoil you with facts about North America.

When you look at North America from above you can see that on its west there is the Pacific Ocean while on its east there is the Atlantic Ocean, this continent is bordered by two of the biggest waters in the world. The largest countries inside this continent are United States, Canada and Mexico. C. Columbus was the one given credit for the discovery of America but actually, there were already people who were living in North America even before the Europeans arrived in its lands. Some of these people include the Aztec Civilization that is currently in Mexico and the different and many Native American tribes which is in the United States. But despite this, the Europeans were still successful in taking over it in the 1600’s. The most populated country in North America which is the United States became a melting pot of cultures and people from all over the world in the later part of the 1700’s.

North America, according to the United Nation has a population count of 528,720,588 inside its area which is 9,540,198 square miles. Of all the continents in the world, North America ranks fourth as the continent which has the biggest population. Aside from its people, North America also has its major biomes which is makes it more special like the temperate forest, taiga, grasslands and desert because of its major cities which are Canada Philadelphia, Canada Houston, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Guadalajara, Toronto, Chicago, Mexico New York City, Montreal, Ecatepec de Morelos and Mexico. As we have mentioned not only does the North America have a lot of biomes, it also has big bodies of water surrounding it just like the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean but they also have lakes inside North America and a few of them are the Colorado River, Rio Grande, Great Slave Lake, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Mississippi River, Yukon River, Lake Winnipeg, Missouri River and the Great Bear Lake.

In North America, Mexico City is the city with the largest population according to the census in the year 2012. And food production is one of the biggest businesses here in this continent and with that a lot of the grasslands in this place are now farms for cereals like wheat, corn or maize because it has a great population which means that it has more mouth to feed.  And in line with that, Mexico having the greatest population grows a lot of sugarcane each year for the country