It would really be fun to travel in the country inside North America that has dominant economy, the mother country of mass culture, military control which is the United States of America. It has also many people because it is the third in the rank for its population count and surely, this country has a lot to offer because of its nice sceneries and exhilarating cities. Also, it is very diverse in terms of the people living inside this country, you can meet many people of different and bizarre nationalities but that’s what makes it more exciting to visit right?

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Below will some of the advice that we can give to you when you want to travel in the United States, keep on reading to know more.

PRECATION: There is a tiny chance of very violent crimes here in the USA and you must still use your sense and precautionary measures so that you will not endanger yourself, your friends or your family members.

MONEY MATTERS: Here in the USA, it is really expensive for single travelers because there are a lot of things to spend your money into like hiring a car, checking into motels, food and lot things so it is really difficult to cut it off at a hundred dollars a day when you travel alone. But, when you travel with company the it could be lesser costing for an individual person inside a group because motels in this country can take up to 4 people inside a room for the same price of 1, thus, it is really cheap when you consider it individually. The accommodations in this country are higher in the more expensive cities which is New York and San Francisco. Thus you need to be informed car-for-hire services and you need to assess where would be the most accessible to you and your company and where could you spend less during the duration of your stay here with Uncle Sam.

VISA: People from the countries on the visa waiver get the ninety day visa upon their arrival but they must have an electronic passport and authorization by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. As for Australians, South Koreans, Europeans and people from New Zealand who are under the visa waiver program can get the visa for three months.

CASH: Establishments in the USA does not take cheques especially from travelers because they have learned their lesson in the past where a lot of tourists give them fake ones. But, the good news is that there are many ATM machines in America and you can get your cash from there with only 2 dollars charge and if you are inside a bar, it can go up to five dollars.

FACTORS: If we are going to rate it, out of 100%, the beaches in this country will get a 70% rating, the major highlights will have 80% and just 40% for the random place here. Despite this rating for the random places, many people are still wanting to visit this country from all over the world.